Our 1st Drop Recipient starts her OWN Love Drops! :)

project flipmodeTalk about paying it forward! Jill Markussen & family have created Project FlipMode which serves to help individuals and families facing homelessness and other crisis with prayer and support. (And also by providing help and resources that will empower them to change their lives.) This is an INCREDIBLE way to give back and really spread the word that anyone can do this!! We are so proud of Jill, and just blown away by how she continues to live her life.  Way to go, girl!!

If you’d like to learn more about what Jill and her new project is about, check it out over at ProjectFlipmode.com. You can also watch the Love Drop we did for her here.

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Love Drop Now Has T-Shirts!!!

love drop t-shirts!
We are SOOOOOO excited to finally have some merchandise to promote around!  We’ve partnered up with our good friends over at Bravo Tango Tees, and they’ve been gracious enough to not only DESIGN these shirts for us, but to host them and donate ALL proceeds to our team here!  So not only do we have awesome shirts to sport going forward, but each one purchased goes to support Love Drop too! Woo!

Each shirt costs $20.00, and you can order them here:

Design #1:  Vintage Heart Logo
Design #2:  Team Love Drop

Remember, all proceeds go to support future Love Drops! We can’t wait to see our first person walking around town sporting one of these ;) We’re officially legit!

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A Poem Inspired by Love Drop

One of our members wrote a poem for us after being inspired. Check it out :)
It’s called “Not Alone“:


Tears flow silently,
Down a solemn face,
Sadness from the inside out,
That no one can replace,

To lose someone so close,
Is a pain no one should bear,
Leaving more than one heart shattered,
Beyond the point of repair,

But there is a light,
A light in the middle of the darkness is shone,
Hope that radiates amidst the silence,
A reaffirming comfort that you are not alone,

God hears your prayer,
Sending out the call,
Moving the hearts of perfect strangers,
To love,
To give,
To pick you up from the fall.

Thanks for sharing this with us Elizabeth – you’re awesome.

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We’ve given over $30,500 so far this year!

In only FOUR months! Between all the cash, the gifts, the services, and even the dog (remember Feb’s Drop?), we’ve given out roughly $30,554 so far. Pretty incredible huh? And we’ve still got 8 more months to go this year :) Cannot wait to see what else we do as a team. You guys should be very VERY proud of yourselves. That’s a ton of love pouring out.

You can check out the entire breakdown (per Drop) here: Total Dropped. It’s mind-blowing.

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Pics from all our Drops now on Flickr

We thought you might enjoy pics from all our Drops so far :) Took a while for us to upload (or rather, Sarah to upload them – thanks girl!) but we are now in action and ready to roll going forward. It’s pretty amazing looking back at everything the team has accomplished so far in only 4 months. These pics are great reminders that we are all in this together – we hope you enjoy them! We’ll continue to upload them after each Drop.

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lovedroppics/


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Love Drop Hits The News in Philly!

CBS’s Channel 3 in Philadelphia gives us a shout out on TV, check it out:

Be proud of yourselves, friends! We’re doing some good! :)
You can read the entire story here: 3-On Your Side: Charitable Giving On The Web

(Thanks CBS & Channel 3! You totally made our day.)

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The Stamp Says it All

Got a $25.00 check in the P.O. Box today. The stamp made us equally happy :)

mother teresa stamp

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UPDATE: Jill Wins the “Life Transformed Award”

Jill Markussen headshotRemember our first Love Drop recipient, Jill Markussen? She’s winning Bridge Community’s Life Transformed Award! And will be honored at their Spring Luncheon, as they celebrate the remarkable fortitude and spirit of the women in their community.

She really is an amazing woman, and we love her to death. In fact, you may not know this, but she’s also a *member* of Love Drop now! Talk about paying it forward :)

Here’s a reminder of how far she’s come:
(As posted by Bridge Communities)

Jill Markussen lost her job in April 2007 and by December, she and her children had lost their home. Jill and her children represent the “new face of homelessness.”

Jill entered the Bridge Communities Program and quickly enrolled in College of DuPage. She knew she wanted to relaunch her career as a care-giver. Through educational testing, she decided to pursue a human services degree with special emphasis in working with senior citizens and domestic violence.

While at College of DuPage Jill bravely shared her story of homelessness with her classmates and instructors. Soon she found herself collaborating with her fellow students and faculty to organize a very successful symposium, “The New Face of Homeless.” The symposium caught the attention of many on the College campus and is now planned as an annual event.

Shortly after graduation from Bridge Communities’ Jill’s apartment burned, leaving her homeless for a second time. Never down for long, Jill worked with College of DuPage to organize a Sleep Out Saturday event and continued her work and school studies. “Jill Markussen is the kind of person who counts her blessings rather than cursing the darkness,” says Joyce Hothan, executive director of Bridge Communities. “I have personally been in awe of the courage, resilience and faith that Jill has displayed in her incredible journey out of homelessness.”

Jill openly shares her story with community and school groups and truly believes her experience has changed her for the better. We are privileged to honor Jill Markussen, a woman whose transformation deserves celebrating.

CONGRATS JILL! Team Love Drop is proud of you!

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Love Drop’s Art Shop Now Open!

love drop art shopHey Guys! We now have our very first art shop up and running! And the awesome part is that it’s totally powered by all the art our own Love Drop members have donated :) Which means that 100% of the proceeds directly benefit our families each month and the Love Drop organization.

And guess who inspired this idea? Kent! Father of this very month’s Love Drop family. We wanted to really bring together the art community this month, and we’re finding it’s a great way for artists to showcase their talents and really give back in a creative way.

If you look closely, you’ll also see hand-crafted glass hearts *exclusively* made for Love Drop!  Designed by Kent himself, these were inspired by our logo and are the focal point of our shop. He’s a brilliant, brilliant artist, and we’re honored to sell his work (which in turn goes to help his family this month!).

Here’s the link to our shop: http://LoveDrop.us/art

Thanks everyone! If you’d like to donate & promote any of your own stuff, click here. And if you have a wordpress blog, click here to get the widget for your site :)

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The Inside Scoop on Katie’s Love Drop

Hey guys! This video above shows some behind the scenes action of how March’s Love Drop came together, captured by the wonderful Danielle Smith. And below you’ll find a few first hand accounts from some of the ladies who came out and helped make Katie’s Drop special. It was an amazing weekend!

Erica Says.com:

“Over the past few months the community of people who love Katie has come together to make this Love Drop very special for her. From sharing frequent flier miles so her best friends could come to Dallas to surprise her, to sending gifts, cooking food to stock her freezer, shopping for her kids, gathering donations, and traveling many many miles, the people behind this drop were able to give back just a tiny bit of the love Katie shows to everyone who knows her. It was a very heartwarming thing to take part in, and truly a blessing to give.”

This Mom’s Wired:

“It’s been a pretty amazing month watching how a Love Drop comes together. The guys that run the organization, Nate and J Money, are not only tremendously full of heart, but they are funny, sweet and really great to be around. I love the concept of Love Drop – how a little bit can go a long way – even a donation of a buck a month can do great things. I’m kind of a Love Drop fan girl now.”

The Stiletto Mom:

“In the end, I saw a group of people gather together to do something really amazing for Katie who has done so much for other people throughout her life without asking for much in return. We came together, we made a difference, we changed a life by flooding it with love.”

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A Tribute to Katie Howard

This is the video we showed Katie during her Drop – right before some of these very same people who “couldn’t make it” showed up ;) It was a pretty awesome surprise. And really showcases the love her community has for her. Thanks to everyone who participated in this! Especially D who put it together. You guys rock.

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The story of the starfish

Original Story by: Loren Eisley

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. Approaching the boy, he asked, “What are you doing?”

The youth replied, “Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”

“Son,” the man said, “don’t you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can’t make a difference!”

After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish, and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said…

“I made a difference for that one.”

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Looking for more families to help :)

This will probably open the flood gates here, but we’re currently looking for more people to help! If you’re a Love Drop member, and you know of someone who can really benefit from our community, let us know. We’re planning out the next couple of Drops, and we’re looking for people with good hearts who happen to be going through some pretty hard financial times right now. Our community continues to grow each week, so we know there are plenty of people we can help!

Thanks guys! Rock n’ roll.
-J$ & Nate

PS: If you’d like to nominate someone but you’re not a member yet, you can join us here.

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The extended “behind the scenes” cut of our 1st Drop

Hey guys! We thought it would be fun to share the extended version of Jill’s Drop with y’all. We had originally planned on making this THE final video, but we realized that a) you probably didn’t wanna watch too much of Nate and I scrambling around like that, and b) it was hella long ;)

But we’re open to feedback! If you think it’s more interesting watching how these go down from beginning to end, let us know and we’ll keep it in mind for future vids. And if not, that’s cool too. This is more about the families than it is our shenanigans, so it’s all about sharing these stories in the best light. Enjoy :)

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Drop Video Coming Soon!!

We did it! Jill and her entire family (literally, 30+) were SO excited to see everything YOU GUYS sent to them, and it couldn’t have gone better.  Well, actually we did have a few snags in the beginning, but you’ll have to wait until the big video to watch it all go down ;)  Stay tuned! Here’s a message from Nate and I in the meantime (although we pretty much just say the same thing! haha…).

Oh! And we still have one more week to collect money & gifts for Jill. We had to do the Drop early due to logistics this month, but every last dollar that comes in until Jan 31st still goes to her. So yay!

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