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Episode #2: The Benefits of a Service Dog

Benefits of a Service Dog
(Episode #2 of 3)

It’s interesting to hear from Angie and Andy how doing the simple things that most of us take for granted can become a huge endeavor with the autism situation. When you start to think about all the hundreds of things they have to think about when taking care of the kids, you begin to understand how much a service dog could help.

We had a lot of questions for the family in the beginning, because we wanted to make sure that getting this dog was the absolute best solution for them right now. We want you guys to know that they’ve done their research on the topic. Reams of it, in fact. And yes, this dog, specifically one that is trained in tracking in case Alex escapes, is literally going to change their lives. Let’s keep working on it. :)

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Episode #1: Jill on Homelessness

Jill begins to tell her story . . .
(Episode #1 of 4)

In this clip Jill gives you the introduction to what her family has been going through for the past couple of years.

You’ll catch a glimpse of her three kids, and we want to let you know that we’re cooking up something special for them too!

In the forum we have a list of some of the things we want to do for them, so if you want to help make them happy this month, jump on in and let’s make it happen. :)

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Another Chance

Ian Axel’s got it right, folks – 2011 is another chance to turn it all around. Listen to the lyrics in this video, and watch the attitude. This is for us and our team this year.

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