The Stalnaker’s Love Drop!

(Episode #5 of 5)

Guys, this was one of the most fun Drops we’ve ever done. A 1,000 mile road trip, Southern hospitality, a big giveaway, a fantastic surprise, local special guests, and working with high school kids . . . such an awesome time!

The Stalnaker family was a pleasure to be around, and Joy’s class helped make every moment fun for us. Also, guess what? The video you’re watching here was shot by two students from her class. We loved getting everyone involved, and you’re gonna love the video. Enjoy!

Thank you all for your help in making this month special for our family! See you next time…

Total breakdown of all gifts given:
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  • Ford Mustang Convertible! WE DID IT GUYS!!! We got Joy a new car! Huge enormous thanks goes out to Britt and family for making this happen and completely putting their hearts behind it. The power of this community is absolutely incredible, and we wish them nothing but luck on their RV trip around the country. Thank you THANK YOU thank you! (And to Church Point United Methodist too)
  • $1,200 Check from the Love Drop team. Icing on the cake!
  • $450 from Kart Ranch – a family owned and operated family entertainment center. They sent over $200 worth of gift cards, on top for a check for $250! You guys rock.
  • PlayStation 3 as our team’s “special gift” this month :)
  • $50 Gas card from Pointe DE L’Eglise Texaco (thx guys!)
  • $50 Amazon gift card for Kindle books (thx Trinnie!)
  • $25 Food card to (and from) Parrot’s Pointe
  • $25 Coffee card to (and from) Community Coffee
  • Cinema Package! Courtesy of Crowley Cinema. Not only did they give the Stalnaker’s free tickets and food and special posters for the kids, but they delivered it all IN PERSON! It made such a difference that Joy even started crying. Seth and the Crowley crew didn’t know it, but they hadn’t been out to the movies together in over a year. It was awesome to have them celebrate with us.
  • Children’s Museum of Acadiana Package! Physically brought, and shared, by the lovely ladies of the Museum too! Adding even more joy to the entire presentation :) They brought an artistic basket full of crafts and membership passes for the entire family – which just so happens to be little Bradley’s favorite! You all rocked it out. (The next time anyone’s in the Lafayette area, I highly encourage you to check it out – it’s awesome!)
  • Lafayette Travel Package! Full of gifts and toys and a whole bunch of VIP tickets to local attractions. Thanks so much Lafayette Travel!
  • 1 year family membership to the Zoo of Acadiana! (Great idea, Carey!)
  • Framed newspaper of Super Bowl champs, The Saints Given by Joy’s mom, and original Love Drop team member, Diane! It was wonderful meeting you guys in person!! Thank you for being a part of such a special day :)
  • Bags full of toys for Bradley & David – Packed with bubbles, chalk, battle axe (haha…) coloring stuff, water toys, and a whole mess of other fun kid stuff… big thanks to Sarah, Em and the gang for putting all this together :)
  • 6 months of meal plans courtesy of (Thanks for always participating!)
  • 6 months of coaching services from – Solutions for midlife parents, troubled teens, single moms & career challenges.
  • Star Wars DVD set sent over by Love Drop member Aldo
  • Nice journal from Love Drop member Sarah :))
  • Computer lessons from Brandon (thx man!)
  • Hand-picked toys for each child from
  • And a photo book to capture the entire day’s fun by GroupStory – mad love as always.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this day special for the Stalnakers! All our Love Drop members, our Forum members, Church Point High School, all the kids who participated throughout the month, Aldo & Josh for our free stays, and a special thanks to Catherine Guidry Photography for capturing the day’s events for us. See you next month! :)

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11 Responses to The Stalnaker’s Love Drop!

  1. Carol Bartlett says:

    This was a great drop!!! I love this so much! I am so happy to contribute to something so HUGE as helping people in need. I wish everyone would gather some spare change and direct it in a positive way. This world would be a different place if everyone showed a little more kindness, compassion, and love.

  2. Miss Britt says:

    Thabk you guys so much for making this possible!!

  3. This is so beautiful to watch! Thank you, Britt and Jared, for all the joy you brought to the Stalnakers with your generosity, and thanks to J$ and Nate for making it happen!

  4. This one was awesome! I loved the ‘surprise’ gift & her response. It isn’t even a new car but that just proves that you give what you can-when you can & you will change someones life!
    I do wish that y’all would have the families do a follow-up video a month or two later letting us all know how they are and how the drop has helped them. That would be cool!

  5. Jo says:

    What a fantastic video, tears streaming down my cheeks. Well done all of you, it’s a beautiful thing to watch you do this every month and make such a difference to peoples lives.

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  7. Nate says:

    It’s so cool that in these comments we have: members of the team who built momentum, Maia who blogged about it, Britt who provided the car, and us who organized the project. Look how much can be accomplished if everyone gives what they are able, how they are able . . . sometimes it all just comes together perfectly.

    Thank you guys so, so much. This Drop phenomenal!

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  10. Gwen says:

    It was nice meeting you on the plane to Dallas. I love the site and what you guys are doing. I pray much success to you and your team and will pass the word about this site. I love giving to worthy causes.

  11. angie says:

    If I know someone that needs help financially how do I get involved with helping them out on this website?

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