The Love Drop team is thankful to all our partners who help us touch lives every month! You help us do what we do, and we are incredibly grateful you believe in us. THANK YOU. (If you or your company are interested in partnering with us, give us a shout.)

Flagship Partners

kona grill logo Kona Grill was the very first company that ever believed in us, and we can’t say enough about them! They truly helped us get off the ground and into action. The best part about it is that they truly care about helping people and making a difference! We were honored to serve with them for our first Love Drop.
blissdom logo Blissdom is another company who signed up before we even launched :) While attending their conference in January, we were blown away by the intimate, real-life relationships existing within their community of bloggers and businesswomen. They are the perfect group to team up with!
Cinnabon Logo Cinnabon is a company that truly cares about making a difference for people and bringing joy into their lives. When they heard that we were helping a little girl in their home city of Atlanta, they called us and said they wanted to help make her Drop a very special one. Now their CEO is working with us directly to make it happen. Good people over there, seriously.

Business Partners

Goldstar Logo Goldstar has generously offered our families a “day out” to a local event in participating cities! We love this because it helps them get out more, and they can’t spend it on bills. :)
Red Letter Words Logo Red Letter Words is all about meaningful art. Their hope is that through art, people are connected to the unchanging truth of the Word and reminded that there is a plan and a purpose for their lives. They also believe that our gifts and talents should be shared – we love it! :)
Bravo Tango Tees Logo Bravo Tango Tees is the team behind our fabulous t-shirt designs! Not only did they pour their hearts into creating them for us, but they’re also giving 100% of all the proceeds back to Love Drop! We are incredibly blessed to be partnered up with them. Do us a favor and click over to check them out :) All of their shirts are high quality tees, made and printed in America. They make you feel proud to serve, show that you love our great country, and get you motivated or make you smile. No ordinary Life – No ordinary tee!
Black Box Intelligence Logo Black Box Intelligence is the only source of private and public company data for the restaurant industry. And along with their sister company, People Report, they’ve been huge supporters of Love Drop from the beginning! Great great group of people.
i heart faces Logo     I Heart Faces hooks us up with the best photographers in the area! Wherever Love Drop goes each month, they are right there to make sure our event is covered and we can’t thank them enough. Wonderful community of photographers, check ’em out!
Divergent Planning Logo Divergent is giving all their clients the gift of Love Drop for their birthdays :) We salute their creativity!
Edible Arrangements Logo Edible Arrangements is hookin’ up our families with cleverly designed fresh fruit bouquets to make our Drops special. Pretty on the eyes, and tasty in the belly!

Network Partners

Groupon logo Groupon has its roots in helping people make a difference! Check out The Point and you’ll see what we mean. We’ll be working with them this year to spread the word about Love Drop, and also see if we can hook up with their G-Team to put together some fun bonuses for our recipients.
Love Drop Blogger Network Love Drop Blogger Network – Do you have a blog and like what we’re doing? Come be a part of our Blogger Network! You’ll get free, high-quality content along with a link in our Blogroll, and you’ll help support each month’s recipient!

Creative Partners

Hildebrand Creative Logo Hildebrand Creative is the brains behind our videos! Dennis and his team do a lot of the heavy lifting behind the scenes to power Love Drop. (Check Dennis’ vlog at
Phil Foss, is operated by Phil Foss – our awesome web designer. Who not only built this site, but designed what we believe to be one of the coolest logos around!
Giving Anonymously Logo Giving Anonymously is our partner that helps us accept payments for those who prefer not to use Paypal. They’re an overall great organization, and very trustworthy.

If you or your company are interested in partnering with us, give us a shout.

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