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WE DID IT, TEAM! We gave Marci and her entire family a handful of WONDERFUL vacations together – it was so fun! You’ll have to watch the video to see how we presented them all (we thought it was pretty clever, hehe) but here are a handful of the AWESOME gifts we gave them:

— A family trip for five to Aruba!! Including lodging, airfare, food, and even spending money!
— A romantic trip for two to New York city :)
— And many many other wonderful surprises, including a brand new nice camera (woo!).

You all really out did yourselves this month, and we couldn’t be more proud. THANK YOU for making such positive change with us all year long, you’ve touched so many lives!

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  • We sent Marci and her entire family to ARUBA!!! – You guys did it! Our mission was to get them to spend more quality time together, and WOW did y’all come up with some whoppers :) The first being an ALL-INCLUSIVE family of 5 trip to Aruba including all airfare (thanks Joni & Wally!), lodging (a house 1 mile from the beach – thanks Kim!), $500 worth food!, and a $1,000 shopping spree – perfect for any scuba diving or other family activities they may wanna do together while there. A one-week vacation of bliss. Doesn’t get more relaxing than that!
  • We then gave them a romantic weekend for TWO to New York city! Because we all know parents need a break from there loving kids too :) So with help from some *awesome* people out there, we were able to send Marci and Dave on a round-trip getaway to NYC to not only spend some quality time together as a couple, but to also check out some night life (Thx Goldstar!) and a fancy pants dinner with each other too. And did we mention they’ll be staying at the downtown Times Square Marriott? Woohoo!
  • Also hooked them up with a family getaway to Estes Park – a local attraction filled with family friendly activities and quaint lodging. Perfect for a little relaxing and unwinding time close by whenever they need it :)
  • Got them a brand new Canon camera & lens too!! So they can take alllllll the photos they want, on alllll the adventures they’ll soon be going on. Best Buy hooked them up with a nice bag and other goodies like filters and a memory stick too – nothing but the best for our Love Drop recipients! :)
  • Filled a suitcase full of fun items and packages — Esp. for their trip to Aruba like bright t-shirts (that spell out A-R-U-B-A, haha… good idea Melissa!), maps and travel books, stuffed animals, and the one thing we always forget when we go away — toiletries! Fellow Love Drop member Edward was thoughtful enough to fill up 5 little bags full of goodies for them so they’ll always be prepared ;) Good one, Ed!
  • Gave them a $250 Gift card to Macaroni Grill — Compliments of the team over there! To help with food during all the times their family needs a break from cooking :)
  • A $100 Visa card – From dear friend and Love Drop member, ColoradoMom! (Which was certainly fitting considering we were in Colorado this month! Hehe :))
  • A $25 Target gift card – From another awesome person!
  • 6 months of meal plans from – our yearly partner!
  • And 6 months worth of coaching services through Hope Couching – for anytime Marci, or any of her family members, just need some private time to talk and get some refreshing advice. We love you for always offering this up, Ronae!

Another incredible success, team! Y’all just keep bringing the love and making these Drops amazing month in and month out. Give yourselves a hearty pat on the back – way to spread the positivity :)

Special thanks goes out to both Emily and Melissa too for not only helping to organize a lot of this month’s festivities, but also for stepping in and helping with the photography and capturing all of the great moments we shared together. Thank you so very much for helping us to pull it off!

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