Episode #2: Strength and Love

(Episode #2 of 4)

This episode gives us an inside look into the strength and love that surrounds Lucy and the rest of her family and friends. Her attitude in life has always been contagious, and no less so now that she’s dealing with her sickness. Her steadfast faith that she will work through the pain and come through on the other side has inspired those around her to be stronger, both for her and for each other.

It’s evident how much everyone loves Lucy, which goes to show you the depth of her own character. It’s going to be our privilege to meet this awesome young woman face-to-face in a couple weeks. :)

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2 Responses to Episode #2: Strength and Love

  1. Tammy says:

    love the video — great job Lucy, Megan and Tracy!!!!! : ) xoxo

  2. Aunt Kita says:

    lucy is my crazy funny goofy neice that always, always greets me with a hug. it’s still pretty cool when your grown neice will hug you in public! also gotta give her credit for exceeding a boundary nobody has ever done in my family- she is the only person on earth I ever let call my kids names without being upset by it. her first outburst was at my oldest son Bill, my firstborn precious son and her slightly older cousin. known as the athletic, macho all guy cousin you can imagine my surprise when i heard her call my one and only Billy, “Bill-ogna”. funny i didnt react except to laugh! i want you to know lucy girl that your macho cousin has worn his pretty bright pink bracelet every single day since he got it. at every ball game hes playing in and out of town, out to dinner, at work every day; he wears your bracelet and shares your story with everyone who is brave enough to ask. lol. Sweetheart, you are always in our hearts and prayers. we love you Luce.

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