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In late January, J. Money and I were invited to attend the BlissDom conference in Nashville, where I also had the pleasure of speaking. We were blown away by the intimate, real-life relationships existing within the web of such a large online community – it was great to see such a relevant group doing it right.

BlissDom had signed on to be a Love Drop flagship partner before we even launched, and with such an influx of team members and nominations after our appearance there, this month’s mission is a perfect match for all of us. We’re going to focus more on community this month than on money, and we know that with these ladies on our side, it’s gonna be something special. :)

Check out the video intro from Alli Worthington, one of the principals of BlissDom, and then learn what they’re all about below:

About BlissDom:

BlissDom Events’ Alli Worthington, Barbara Jones and Paula Bruno host premiere social media conferences for women who find and express their bliss by publishing online in both the U.S and Canada. BlissDom conferences combine intimate-sized gatherings with a welcoming atmosphere in the ever-changing blogging world. Speakers and panels featuring the best blogging, public relations and social media pros gather to teach and mentor new and old friends alike.

BlissDom is dedicated to making sure its attendees have a meaningful learning experience, connecting and cultivating inspiration for her blog, her business, her family and her life. Our partners are excited to support ‘our bliss’ by sponsoring a rich schedule of experts, partaking in meaningful interactions with our influential women attendees plus engaging in abundant entertainment in both Nashville or Toronto.

BlissDom. Your Blog. Your Bliss. Your Conference.

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