Katie’s Love Drop!

March was a huge success, guys! We wanted to focus on the community aspect of Love Drop this month, and you guys helped us put together an event that Katie will remember for the rest of her life. We can’t thank you enough for jumping in right from the start and building something valuable and long-lasting. You’ve truly demonstrated the power of a connected, caring community.

Last weekend was the most fun we’ve had as a team since we began this project, folks. The event was filled with so much joy, laughter and friendship – you could feel the love for Katie everywhere you went. Our goal from the beginning was to bring the BlissDom conference to her, and thanks to you, we did it. Good work guys!

(If you’re not a member of our team yet, it’s easy to join!)

PS: Extended cut here, for all you hardcore Droppers ;)

Here is everything our community brought for Katie and her family:

  • $2,919.21 Check! More than the $2800 we actually presented too – Way to go team!
  • $600 worth of maid service – Thank you so much Buckets & Bows!
  • An Amazon Kindle – Our special gift to Katie, since she LOVES to read :)
  • $110 worth of Amazon gift cards – So she can get started!
  • A surprise “friends” party! A dozen or so of close friends drove in (or flew!!) to make Katie’s Drop special. It was awesome :) And she didn’t even see it coming!
  • A special video, from those who couldn’t make it (Thanks DanielleTV!!)
  • A cooler full of pre-made food. The night before the Drop, a bunch of us cooked her some meals to freeze and use whenever she needs a break (well, mostly chef Mary Anne! The rest of us taste-tested ;)) But Sarah did make her famous chocolate chip cookies!
  • 3 Tickets to watch Tornados Hockey! Katie had never seen a hockey game in-person yet, so we sent her to her first one this month! Big thanks to Matt for making this happen – Check out their pics from the event!
  • 4 Tickets to Disney on Ice, compliments of Goldstar.com)
  • A fancy ($170) hand bag! From Maile of Epiphanie Bags! WOW.
  • Containers & containers of beads! Like, hundreds of dollars worth!! Haha… as well as a bunch of Blissdom swag. Way to do it big, Alli Worthington!
  • Box of scrapbooking supplies – Sent in from Diane, a Creative Memories consultant (Yay!)
  • A professional photo session! From Mia Coelho of Compassion Photography :)
  • 1 year of weekly seasonal meal plans from MealPlanRescue.com (Awesome!!!)
  • 1-2 hours interior decorating consulting – From Laura, a Wade College design student.
  • 2 cool watches for the kids :) (Thanks Shannon & Our Mommyhood!)
  • $75 Toys R Us gift card — From Shannon of MilkandCuddles.com.
  • $25 Chile’s gift card
  • $20 Target gift card
  • $15 Stone Cold Creamery gift card ;)

And a BUUUUUUNCH of other great gifts:

  • Baskets full of fun stuff for Katie – Including “Dessert” bubble gum that tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream, haha… plus a TON of other goodies to make her feel happy.
  • Basket full of fun stuff for Claire – Lots of girly toys and trinkets for her to enjoy.
  • Basket full of fun stuff for Jamie – Lots of boyish toys and trinkets for him to play with.
  • More bags of great stuff for the family, courtesy of Texas Holly.
  • A bunch of books, like the Go-Giver (Thx Mary Anne!)
  • Mixed CDS with great music.
  • Printed photo book covering the day’s Drop by GroupStory
  • Fruit bouquet by Edible Arrangements :)
  • Hand-picked toys for each child from Cute-Stuffs.com
  • Computer lessons from Brandon
  • And a bunch of other stuff people brought but didn’t tell us :)

Special thanks to Arden Prucha for all the great pictures of the event, and Mary Anne & John for housing us and throwing the after party! Well done everyone, I think we surprised her! :)

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  3. Mommylebron says:

    Just watching these videos makes me want to do more! I love that you guys started this and you’re doing amazing things with it and I am so proud to play even a small part.

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