You Guys Sent Katie to Her First EVER Hockey Game!

katie's first hockey game!<-- March, 19th @ a Texas Tornado hockey game

We wanted to surprise her with these tickets at the actual Drop, but due to the timing they had to get out and enjoy themselves while they were hot :) And look how happy they are!! The first time they’ve ever gone to a hockey game before – so cool.

HUGE props goes out to Love Drop member Matt for hooking them up, and giving Katie’s family a fun day out together. Y’all are really making things happen! (For those who haven’t connected in our community forum yet, be sure to check it out and be a part of the behind-the-scenes action. These tickets, as well as a BUNCH of other ideas you’ll soon see, have all come out of those forums.)

Can’t wait to show Katie everything else you guys have been up to! The Drop goes down this Sunday, get excited!!

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