Episode #2: We Meet Brenna

A strong little girl
(Episode #2 of 5)

In this episode we learn more about Brenna’s story from the people who are closest to her. It’s amazing to hear about all the things she and the family work through on a daily and weekly basis, and yet they remain firmly grounded in the fact that they love each other, have fun together, and share the same strong bonds that all healthy, happy families do.

Our favorite part of this video is when our videographer asks Brenna’s brother Nathan if he tries to take care of her, and he replies “…she for the most part can take care of herself.” This is a strong family, y’all. In so many ways. And little Brenna may just be the strongest of them all. :)

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3 Responses to Episode #2: We Meet Brenna

  1. Love that! Sounds like she has spunk. And like everyone who knows her is inspired by her strength. Go Brenna!

  2. Leigh says:

    The love in this family is palpable. That’s pretty incredible! Loving on Kent and Yvonne for being such rad parents.

  3. Ronae says:

    This story is not just inspiring. It gives me hope. With so much news out there about families falling apart, tragedies and heartache and humanity’s worst, this story gives me hope that we can find ways to celebrate the goodness, the best in us. Thrilled to reach out to this family!


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