Love Drop #12: Diomi & Nalee

Meet Diomi and Nalee :)

This Christmas we’re coming together for Diomi and her son Nalee, who are going into the cold Milwaukee winter with very little food, clothes, and other necessities. Diomi has been through so much, including the loss of her father, the loss of her job, and clinical depression. But even through the pain you can see all the love she has for Nalee, who has one of the most beautiful personalities you’ll find. :)

We want to make this month special for them! We’re working with their pastor to help get things they really need, including school uniforms for Nalee, interview clothes for Diomi as she looks for a job, and food to help them through the winter months. Let’s make our very last Love Drop special!

Goal: $3,000
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We were touched by Diomi’s story, but even beyond that, we were blown away by Nalee. This kid has a sweet, kind soul, with so much love for his mom and for the few blessings that they do have. When we learned that he has to wear the same clothes to school every day of the week, we knew we had to help. (They wash his uniform by hand once a week and let it air dry in the house over the weekend – they don’t have money to go to the laundromat.)

Many of us have been in a spot where money was tight, but to have a kid like Nalee have his self esteem broken because he can’t afford clothes for school is unacceptable. Let’s do what we can to give them an extra joyful Christmas this year!

heartWhy We’re Helping This Family

We know of a lot of people who would like this or that to make their Christmas better this year. But Diomi and Nalee actually need things to improve their lives. Basic things like food, clothes, personal hygiene products, and the biggest of all – hope. Hope that their lives won’t always be this hard, that there are people in this world who care about them and are already working to help get them where they need to be.

We want the Love Drop team to be a big part of lifting this family up. If you can find it in your hearts to give one extra gift this year, whether it be money or a helpful item they can use, please send it in – our goal is to reach $3,000 worth of necessities.

                    Let’s end 2011 the way we started it . . . with love.
Diomi and Nalee
Join our team and help Diomi and Nalee this Christmas! :)
Click here to make a 1-time payment, or give via check or c/c.
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