One of Our Members Starts a Love Drop in Uganda!

We are too blown away for words… so we’ll let hers speak for us :) Here’s what Maria and her daughter are doing in Uganda:

Hi Team,

Thank you so much for the love you dropped at the Aubin family. You guys really have challenged me. People in my country think they cannot help, they need to always be helped.

Much as i am still alone, i have decided to take up the idea of the Love Drop Team. I decided to go in our major Government hospital called Mulago. Here, i found a young boy of 5yrs. called Emma Ssanyu. This boy, has a small pipe in his throat which helps him to breathe. For the first time i saw him, i could tell he is in need. I befriended him and asked him to show me his mother which he did, indeed, they were in need. The mother told me they came from the village when Emma could not breath well. It was an acute case and was admitted on arrival. They operated on him that very day and put that small pipe to help him breath. The cause of the hard breathing, doctors say is caused by something i am yet to know but will very soon.

The next day, i went back to see him and took for them, sugar, toys, books, crayons, shoes and slippers. I managed to give them some little money from my savings, about $10, which is about Ug. Shs. 20,000. and i want to make sure Emma gets proper treatment. After doing this for Emma, i felt a satisfaction i had never felt before in my life, i had helped a needy child, oh my God it was s o satisfying!!All this i did because i was challenged by a group of young men and women, LOVE DROP.

My daughter Irene, who is joining university this year, has liked the idea and now we are 2 in our group which we are yet to give a name!

Thank you LOVE DROP for the inspiration.

God Bless you so much.



This just goes to show you never know who you’re going to affect! EVERY ONE OF YOU are helping push this project forward and change lives for the greater good — be proud of yourselves :) All of you are little angels, and all of you are making this a better place to live in.

Maria – thank you so much for allowing us to share your story with everyone, this was a treat!

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  1. Catherine Turley says:

    incredible. logically, i know that love drop effects people other than the recipients. but it doesn’t become tangible until you hear a story like this.

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